My DeWALT impact wrench DCF923B has a feature called Precision Wrench™. This is defined elsewhere as, "In Forward, the tool will pause before impacting to help prevent overtightening. In Reverse, the tool lowers speed when fastener is loose to help prevent run-off."

To make this useful do I need to know the max-torque of the gun before it impacts? Will this be useful for a mechanical/automotive job that requires between 32 lb/f - 85 lb/f. Can I simply rely on Precision Wrench™, and not use a torque wrench?

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With this particular impact, no ... you'd still need to use a torque wrench. In most cases it is advised you don't even use an impact for tightening a nut or bolt. Even with ones which have torque limiting abilities, it is still recommended you go back and verify with a torque wrench (ie: Milwaukee M18 FUEL 1/2" drive - https://youtu.be/tozbCF02Hsg).

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