The (I believe original) alternator on my 2007 Ford Escape failed last month and was replaced with an alternator from FVP. The battery was tested and seemingly passed muster. Now, three weeks later, my car is again showing very similar symptoms - battery light on, charging voltage is below 12V. Did my three week old alternator really fail already? What could be the culprit?

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Based on your short story, I would be suspecting an intermittent break in a cable. That can kill an alternator quickly.

But if this comes and goes then other loose connections may be at fault.

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    Also it's not unheard of to have a defective new alternator.
    – Jupiter
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Also I have found even though the battery tests all right? I always do what I call a settled charge rate test upon installing an alternator and this won't be wrote in any books..... Make sure the battery is fully charged and then fire up the engine and do an amperage test on the chargeback wear coming back out of the alternator (The big wire) I like to see less than 15 amps total with all electrical accessories off if it is more than that need to determine where the extra averages being consumed and I find some batteries that pass the test it will draw 20-30 or more amps if this happens continually we'll eventually smoke the alternator... Hope this helps Good luck!!!

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