Does anybody know what could cause this clunking/popping/crackling noise only at low speeds when hitting a rougher surface- bumps, dips, stone roads (under 10-15 MPH) ? The position of the steering wheel doesn’t matter, it happens either with wheels straight or turned. The noise can be heard on both sides(driver and passager I checked: coilovers preload(tried 5 mm preload and 0 preload), top nut of the strut, greased with lithium grease spray the coilovers bearings, cv axeles. I replaced: all engine mounts, end tie rods, sway bar endlinks, lower control arms, sway bar bushings I re torqued everything.

I want to mention that everthing replaced above are ~ 6 months old or newer .

Here is a video of the noise : https://m.imgur.com/a/v2TtQm1#qJVm3QX

The car is a Mazda 3 BK(1st gen)


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It's likely the struts, springs and some related parts (strut bearings, mounting plates, coil spring protectors). See the reply in this post from "444rose" at the top.

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