I have a VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2015 (Petrol) with 100,000KM approximately. It normally drives perfectly alright except when it's hot outside. If the whether is hot outside, the car stalls when starting, so I have to give li'l pedal to keep it going. Once I push it above 3,000 RPM it stabilizes, and after that no problem whatsoever.

One thing though, it does have any issue when the engine is really hot after long distance drving,it's just when the outside temperature is hot. wth!

The mechanic checked for diagnostics but he did not find any issue with is OBD2 readings. He said "its not throttle body issue, otherwise engine might run rough". he continued, "usually it might be fuel injector issue, try using Fuel injector cleaner for twice and see what happens."

I also checked if my car has the Mass Airflow Sensor issue but it turned out, JETTA 2015 does not have MAF sensor.

I still have 3000KM to replace the oil, kept 100% full in coolant. I am not sure it's got anything to do with battery! I can't think of anything else!?

Has anyone seen similar problems or have any advice for how to proceed?

PS: Petrol car, SE Edition. 2.0L (No TSI nor TDI)

  • Tell us which engine it has and which fuel it takes.
    – HandyHowie
    Oct 8 at 7:31
  • @HandyHowie updated the answer. Its petrol engine.
    – Kirk
    Oct 8 at 7:34
  • Where did you get told it doesn't have a MAF? I'm pretty sure it does.
    – GdD
    Oct 8 at 7:48
  • it usually sits near Airfilter compartment but I didn't find any for this model
    – Kirk
    Oct 8 at 7:56
  • Tell us the engine size.
    – HandyHowie
    Oct 8 at 8:03

With VWs, this problem is usually the fuel pump. Replicate the problem while your mechanic checks the fuel pressure. If it is abnormally low, replace the fuel pump.

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