Problem: About 5 times, I would leave the car for a brief time (~5-15) mins after driving, and when I came back, it wouldn't start. It would randomly start again either immediately or after leaving it alone for 5-10 minutes. Now it won't start at all. If I leave it alone for a bit, the starter "tries" and gets worse, and worse on subsequent retries, then gets a little bit better after the car sits.

There is no CEL or codes.

Attempts to fix:

  1. Replaced battery - it's always step 1 and it was time anyway.
  2. Changed key battery - someone said it might help due to security chip. I don't get it, but whatever.
  3. Tried jump-starting - doesn't help at all.

Theories: Please help me identify the most plausible / test.

  • Relay/fuse (diagram) - Ignition Switch Main? Main Fuse? Ignition Coil?
  • "Wire thingy that goes from key cylinder to something" (edit: ...I meant ignition switch) - I have no idea what this is called, but there is a wire that usually signals that the key is turned to start or whatever to the ECU. I think I had this problem on an Integra before. What is this called? Could it be it?
  • Key FOB chip / whatever reads it. How do I even troubleshoot this?
  • Clutch "safe start position" switch (seems unlikely to me)
  • Other?

Would appreciate any advice on this.

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    You need to describe what you see and hear when it isn’t starting. Is the starter turning as normal, faster than normal, does it labour? Do all the other electrics work? Are you saying that sometimes the started doesn’t turn?
    – HandyHowie
    Sep 25 at 7:19
  • On position lights normal. Starter either works normally or just dies. All the other electronics work.
    – VSO
    Sep 27 at 13:54

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