I have a Suzuki Jimny 2007 model. When I drive at 80 kmh, the whole car shakes violently. It has the same vibration when the speed comes back untill 50. I spoke to my garage guy and as he said I polished my king pins. After some time the same vibration started again. I could not find the reason for this problem from any of the garage guys. Can anyone help me with this please?

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If this is a Jimny, then this is sadly expected. There are stories of people replacing the gearbox mount to resolve the issue, however I never got that far with my Jimny.

I had replaced a number of bushings, got an alignment, and new alloy wheels, however the shaking was still there - just far less pronounced. Like you, the vibrations were fairly violent at high speeds


This is usually caused by a worn shock absorber or a broken control arm. My guess is the shock absorber. How old is the car and how many miles/kilometers has it done?

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