I had just purchased a Garmin dash cam mini 2. I also bought from Garmin a constant power cable "OBD-II" that has a 10min / 24hr / and infinite switch. It also comes with a dual USB port for power to the dash cam. I was wondering if this was a solution to most of the problems that could occur with the OBD-II and the battery? Garmin's support page on the cable explains how it works. There is also a video on Youtube.

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    Review the operators manuals on use, especially on power. Being connected to the OBD II port implies low current draw for every day use. Switching to infinite power implies the unit is always on even when powered down for standby mode. It's presumed when powered down, a small amount of power is still used to keep memory alive for automatic date and time updates. If the vehicle is not used for a week or more, instructions should provide guidance for shutting it off or disconnecting the OBD II connector to minimize any battery drain.
    – F Dryer
    Aug 21 at 3:06
  • Thanks, I'll look through before I use it. Aug 22 at 13:02

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