Recently I got a problem in my Nissan Versa power window motor (Driver side), about 3 weeks ago, sometimes the window goes goes up and down normally and sometimes it stuck and doesn't move at all, after some days, the glass doesn't move at all.

I wonder how can I diagnose the problem? do I have to replace the motor or the main switch? I have noticed that motor got an encoder whearas the other motors don't and they just got two wires of power (+ and -), why it's the only motor that has an encoder, event though it does the same function as others (goes Up and Down)?

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    The first thing I'd do it test the switch and wiring to make sure that isn't the problem. After that, the next usual step is to replace the motor (if it's available by itself) or the window regulator assembly. You might check around local junkyards and see if you can locate the part you need that way vs. spending a lot more for a new one.
    – jwh20
    Aug 10, 2021 at 11:39


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