I recently bought these two products:

I installed them successfully.

Then, I bought this:

Now, the rear view monitor/dash cam directly above comes with a backup camera, but I would like to avoid installing it and instead simply use the camera I already installed.

The video cable from the existing camera is a yellow RCA, and the input for the new display is 3.5mm jack. So at a minimum, I think I would need an RCA splitter, and a cable that was RCA on one end and 3.5mm on the other end.

The part I'm not sure of is the always-on nature of the rear-view mirror display, vs. the reverse-light-trigger that my existing camera uses.

If I just fed the video signal from my existing camera to the new rear-view display, would it only show when the car was in reverse? Or is the video signal transmitted regardless?


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Aftermarket back-up cameras usually get their power from the back-up lamps. When the camera is off, the display would be off. If you wired in an always-on camera, the display would always show the image. If you connect your existing camera to the back-up lamps, then it would only send a signal to the display when the transmission is in reverse. If there is only one camera then a splitter is not needed, just an adapter cable. This assumes the powers are all 12 volts DC.

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