My knowledge of engines is poor. How do I continue the fight for a warranty claim?

Merc C180 Year Model: 2019 Mileage: 42 000km’s Diagnosis: • Vehicle misfiring usually indicates a fuel / combustion concern. For this reason a fuel test was requested.
• The fuel test passed the SANS specifications and therefore indicating that the concern was in the engine itself. • The Dealer was instructed to remove the cylinder head where it was found that a piece of metal has damaged the bore and cylinder head. • The metal piece found is similar to that of a spark plug end, however, all the spark plugs on the vehicle are intact, indicating that the spark plug might have been replaced. We have no record of this being done on our system. • The metal piece and a spark plug is on route to Metallurgist in CT to analyse and provide feedback. The purpose is to determine the composition of the metal piece.

In conclusion:

  • No record of spark plug change on this vehicle by any of our dealerships – no claim submitted.
  • Metal piece caused damage to the cylinder bore resulting in the need for a complete engine replacement.
  • Cost of repair cannot be claimed under Warranty & Maintenance as cause of damage is classified as ‘external influence’.
  • An electrode off a spark plug could have caused the damage, if that is what you want to know.
    – HandyHowie
    Jul 13 at 13:29
  • @HandyHowie All spark plugs are in tact! So where could the metal have come from?
    – Anthony
    Jul 13 at 13:35
  • Well, they say that a sparkplug broke and somebody (not them) changed them afterwards. Thats their way out of responsability. Perhaps you could wait from the results of the lab? If it is viable to challenge their way-out-strategy in court, could better be answered in law.se or by a lawyer..
    – Martin
    Jul 13 at 13:40
  • Just because the dealer didn't change the spark plugs, doesn't mean they weren't changed at some point. There is a possibility that the part found in the combustion chamber was present from original assembly but how do you prove this? At 42K km I'm sure the spark plugs didn't need replacement under periodic maint. yet. What's the history on this vehicle? Are you the original owner or was it pre-owned? Did you have it serviced exclusively at MB dealers or has it been serviced by others?
    – jwh20
    Jul 13 at 13:40
  • 4
    I’m voting to close this question because it's about legal responsibility and not maintenance.
    – GdD
    Jul 13 at 14:09

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