If in fact I do get a spark though it orange in color does that prove that the ignition control module is good? A little background here, she was running in park idling strong and stop running cold dead. Not a fart not a hiccup not a wine not a wheeze nothing just dead! I’m questioning the control module At $40 a pop they’re getting expensive. No one test them anymore, if you know how please advise.

  • Welcome to Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair! Jun 28 at 22:26
  • I'm not sure how to check the ICM, but I'm thinking it would be that or the coil. I'm thinking if it was the ICM you'd not be getting any spark at all, while a weak spark (it should be bluish-white if healthy) might be pointing to a coil. Those you can check pretty easily. Jun 29 at 1:05
  • What OBD codes are you getting?
    – GdD
    Jun 29 at 12:19
  • I hate to admit it but doing the gauges in the dash I lost the wire to the check engine light I am searching for as I’m doing all these other things at the same time. Once I locate check engine light wire I will reinstall. I realized the moment she died I missed something. What a nightmare! Isnt hindsight a great thing!?! By chance anyone know what color it is? Ha!
    – Ed Hardy
    Jun 29 at 13:59
  • Did you check the fuel pump?
    – jwh20
    Jun 29 at 15:43

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