When communicating with an ECU via the OBD2 port using the CAN protocol, we have a well known address $7DF. Irrespective of the make and model of the car this address can be used to read MODE 1 information.

When using the K Line and KWP protocol, it seems there are no WELL KNOWN addresses we can target for the ECU? I have tried to go through the ISO 9141 specification and it does not mention any standard address, just Manufacturer defined.

I want to know if there is a standard Target address for ECU that can be used across the board with about 70-80% success when using the K-Line / KWP protocol? It seems strange to write some code which will scan all possible addresses because it works with any car.

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Here are the broadcast headers I know of:

  • 11-bit CAN: 0x7DF
  • 29-bit CAN: 0x18DB33F1
  • KWP: 0x81F110
  • J1850 PWM: 0x616AF1
  • J1850 VPWM: 0x686AF1
  • ISO9141-2: 0x486B10

These headers are taken with an OBD2 simulator that features all protocols and two ELM327 adapters, one that always matched the simulator mode and monitoring with ATMA, the other one querying the auto detection via ATSP0 and 0100.

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