Hay friends, I setup a small amp 2x~60 Watt for factory missing 2 rear speakers on Fusion 2015-SE (I added speakers myself) and there might be "~6A" current usage from the amp. I found that N.5/N.28 Fuses in "Passenger Compartment Fuse Panel" is used for Amplifier/Subwoofer and going to use "Fuse TAP Adapter" to connect from there and wire to my amp. I would like to know if any one used N.5/N.28 Fuses from the "Passenger Compartment Fuse Panel" for the amplifier wiring ?

  1. Can you help me to find the wire color from those Fuses or any recommendation how to use them ?
  2. And can it solve the problem with automatic switch-Off amplifier, like the radio, when I open the door ?
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