I recently changed my front brakes & calipers ever since my front wheels keep locking up. The mechanic has replaced the calipers yet again & bled the entire system still the same problem. Please help me 😩

  • Welcome to Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair! Both sides lock up at the same time? And by lock up, does this mean it happens any time or does it happen when you step on the brake pedal or ... when/how? May 16 '21 at 1:33
  • It will allow me to drive it to a destination but then when it’s time to leave again the front wheels won’t turn! Once it does start going it’s like I’m forcing it to go then i smell the brakes burning so I pull over and stop only to see smoke coming from the front two tires
    – Nell
    May 16 '21 at 1:39
  • I drove it to the store about an hour ago but then I couldn’t leave because the car just wouldn’t move I can tell it’s trying but the wheels won’t move
    – Nell
    May 16 '21 at 1:42
  • Was this the same issue why you had the brakes changed in the first place? Or were they just worn out? May 16 '21 at 1:52
  • 1
    If they were just worn out and working before you took it to the mechanic, then the mechanic needs to fix what they did wrong. If they were working before, they should be working now. Since they are not working now, the mechanic has screwed something up. Do not fear telling the mechanic they need to fix their work. They should have provided a working vehicle considering they received a working vehicle. May 16 '21 at 2:18

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