we got a new battery and starter put on the car but after a couple times driving it, it stops turning over what could this be ?

Its a santa fe 2004

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    Tough situation. How many miles on the odometer? Did you do the work yourself, or bring it to a garage? Sounds like loose or damaged wire somewhere, or more likely a dead alternator. Does the starter motor spin and spin and the car not start, or does the starter motor not spin at all? Are you doing this work yourself (as a beginner hobby mechanic?)
    – zipzit
    May 7 at 19:11
  • It could be the plastic ignition switch not making contact in crank position. Hyundai's and Kia's also had a problem with the spindles on the back of the ignition lock assembly twisting/bending so your not able to make the complete turn into crank position.
    – narkeleptk
    May 7 at 20:30

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