when driving over 30mph/48kmh, there is a very loud dull/grinding noise coming from the driver side. I thought it was the driver side front wheel bearing but a mechanic says there is no play/wobble in the bearing. They suggested the tyres but I swapped them out with some I had and the noise is still there.

This is a Ford Fiesta 2004 1.2, front-wheel drive.

Any idea what it might be? Thank you for any help in advance 🙂

  • Does the sound get louder and/or higher pitched the faster you go?
    – GdD
    May 7 at 9:59
  • Not so much higher pitched, definitely louder May 7 at 11:34
  • Need to take a stethoscope to that bearing.
    – Jupiter
    May 7 at 12:37
  • Sometimes there can be a terrible noise caused by a small stone trapped between the brake rotor and caliper. It is not released by changing the tyre/wheel, but loosening the caliper assembly. May 7 at 18:05
  • I'll take a look at that just to confirm. Drum brakes on the back so that shouldn't be able to happen to them May 9 at 10:23

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