Ok so ive replaced water pump along with timing belt thermostat radiator head gasket fans but the only thing with the head gasket is i didnt take it to the machine shop to see where it couldve been cracked but my car will run great for a few days and over heat one mechanic said my resovior thing is clogged which i still think it is because when j tske off my radiator cap antifreeze shoots out the back up resivior. second theres bubbles in my radiator n that can come from me getting the thermostat changed and radiator. no leaks under the car either im honestly getting tired of the car. but ive put alot of money into it too but i dont trust it enough to drive it over an hour. i might try replacing the rubber hose to the back resiovir as well and if that doesnt work im assuming my head gasket is blown again but whenever it gets hot i dont let it get to the red but it cools down really quick i find that ODD HOW COOLS OFF QUICKLY.

  • Welcome to Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair! I didn't understand if you actually changed the head gasket? Your engine is a D17A engine. These were KNOWN for having the head gasket go out on them. This occurs most of the time because of the use of non-Honda coolant. The "green" stuff will eat through the head gasket causing loss of coolant through the combustion chamber. I had a 2003 LX which had this same problem. I ended up swapping out the engine for a JDM import, but there was more going on than just a head gasket issue. Mine exhibited the same symptoms you're stating. Apr 9 at 14:48

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