This Autophix device device was suggested by a review as the best of five battery testers. The text implied that includes testing cranking amps. But it can only connect to the computer—has no way to connect to the battery.

Can I actually use it to rule out the battery for an RV not starting?


It cannot do a battery load test. If it could don't use it. The wires to the OBD ll port can't handle it. In theory it might be able to do a battery cunductive test, but in my opinion, even if it could it would definitely be an unreliable test. Best (and as far as I'm concerned only) way to test a battery is at the battery.

  • IF it can do a load test, it could not be “through” the OBD port. The only way would be if the computer has a way to do it and report the results to the reader. – WGroleau Mar 15 at 19:31

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