A car that I pretty regularly drive everyday has just had it's battery run flat.

I had just got back from a 30 minute drive and 10 minutes later tried to turn it on and it just kept cranking like a flat battery.

I haven't noticed any weaker engine starting but I guess I may have not noticed.

Because I drive regularly and haven't noticed weak engine start recently could this mean the alternator has gone bad?

Edit I have since tried charging the battery and had no luck and have realised thanks to a comment that that was irrelevant anyway.

Edit 2 The car is an 1998 Nissan Pulsar N15 Manual

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    A flat battery will not provide enough power to crank an engine. Are you saying that the engine will turn over but not start?
    – fred_dot_u
    Mar 15 at 8:54
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    How old is the battery? Mar 15 at 9:16
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    A flat battery doesn't have power to crank, so you won't hear nothing. A weak battery will crank, but not strong enough. The sound of the weak, insufficient, cranking is easily distinguishable from normal cranking. If you are hear the ordinary, strong, cranking, but the engine won't start, the fault is somewhere else.
    – Martin
    Mar 16 at 11:05
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    @VehicularIT even better, then you already have a strong candidate for the fault
    – Martin
    Mar 16 at 12:07
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    I have no experience on distributors, sorry. I suspect the distributor itself being damaged. An separate question on this site might be your best choice. Just one advice: Write down what cylinder is attached to what distributor plug/position. A mix-up can drive one crazy.
    – Martin
    Mar 16 at 13:57

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