I just bought a used 308SW privately, A 2015 1.6 HDI Allure. The vehicle has 42K on the clock. It is my third Peugeot. There is a very obtrusive rumbling at slow/medium speeds, evident on left turns and straight ahead but less so on right turns. It sounds suspension related and a bit like when the weight distribution unloads the wheel and the suspension is topping out and jack hammering against the bump stop, or as if it unloads the weight to a point where the suspension meets play in that range of the suspension movement. Due to the sensation that the wheel is pattering it doesn't feel as though there is much damping going on. The previous owner drove it slowly round the block to demonstrate it (Right turns only!) and I didn't spot it :mad: I have read that the rear axle can have an issue and also on the front, anti roll bars, drop links, ball joints, engine mounts etc all have issues and can lead to noises. Can anyone relate to this issue or has any advice where I can start looking in order to rectify it? ATB Jerry

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