I have a CBR250RR MC22 old model gullarm bike, I recently faced issues with overheating of the faulty cap, but some people suggest changing 1.1 and some 0.9 radiator cap, I would like to know the exact cap which I need to change and recommendation for that.

  • What does the manual say for that model? The higher pressure cap will cause the boiling point to be higher cf the lower cap. – Solar Mike Feb 23 at 8:38
  • Is it overheating or is the cap failing to contain normal pressure? – GdD Feb 23 at 8:51
  • @SolarMike since it's an old bike so we don't have manual – Googlian Feb 23 at 9:19
  • sometimes overheating @GdD – Googlian Feb 23 at 9:19
  • Just did a google search and there seem to be many possibilities for manuals... – Solar Mike Feb 23 at 9:36

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