I recently bought a hyundai getz 1.3 petrol car and its only "accept" a 100 RON fuel. I have tried 95 RON whitch is the most common fuel in my country and the check engine lights up. If the tank is fully empty and i use 100 RON there is no problem anymore.

Is there something i can do to be able to use 95 RON fuel? In my country it is much cheaper and i do not think this car should use 100 RON petrol.

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    Your car should be able to run on 95, something is wrong with your car. When the check engine light comes on the engine's computer will throw a code in the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) system, which can be read with a reader. If you can get this code we can probably help you understand what is wrong. There are cheap OBD readers on the internet if you want to do it yourself, or in some parts of the world auto parts stores will read your codes for you. – GdD Feb 7 at 11:25

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