I have a Honda Jazz 3rd Gen (2016). For a couple weeks, the infotainment system won't fully start. Indeed, it keeps looping on this sequence:

  • Honda logo (15s)
  • Honda logo + spinning wheel (ca. 60s?)
  • blank screen (2s)

It all looks like a software issue to me. I have tried to disconnect the battery for a few seconds, but this had no effect. I've also tried to push radio's on/off button for 20s+, without success.


How to factory-reset the infotainment system?

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My issue was similar to the one described in this forum thread… and the solution as well!

I had to simultaneously press for a while (ca. 30s) on both the power and the brightness-level buttons, as indicated below.

Honda Jazz audio/information system and where to press

The system then reboot, and asked me to press the power button for 2 seconds (anti-theft program)… and it was then all good!

Kudos to jazzaro who found the relevant link.

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