I have a 2010-2012-ish era Mazda 3 that has the Bluetooth option in its menu. When I attempt to pair a phone it fails, despite me going through the steps correctly?

How can I pair my phone? Do I have to buy a new Bluetooth module?


After much searching high and low I found this youtube video that solved my issue.

In a nutshell:

  • It seems that trying to pair with the default pin (0000) does not work.
  • You need to set a different pin by pushing the numbered buttons on your console (mine look different to the video, but they work the same).
  • I set a pin of 1111 by pushing the buttons 1 through 4 once each.
  • After this the pairing worked fine

Those smart tablets get glitchy sometime ,try resetting the car via removing the battery terminals for a period of time and reconnecting it , to reinitialize the infotainment system (take note of radio code if preset!).


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