I recently hit a curb and it damaged my wheel/rim.

Would it be safe to still drive for now?

enter image description here

  • In my opinion, that looks pretty bad. If you're only doing 25 mph to a nearby shop to get it fixed, it'll probably hold and be fine, but I wouldn't recommend driving it on a highway. Most of the damage appears to have been done to the hub cap, with only minor damage to the steel wheel. However, that damage appears to have warped the rim and impacted the bead, so it might have a wobble or shake if you drove fast, and might wear funny and potentially explode or go flat. Nov 16, 2020 at 17:13

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would it be safe to still drive for now?

NO absolutely not safe. Do not drive on it.

There are sharp edges exposed and they can and will cut into the sidewall of the tire sooner or later depending on many factors.

You could limp it into a tire shop if you go slow and be careful.


It would be better to see a picture with the hubcap removed, but from what I can see I would only drive to a shop to get a new wheel. The sidewall is distorted and although it's still holding air the handling and performance of the tire will be affected. I would be concerned that the bead may separate at some point.
Also, there will most likely be other driveability problems. Steel wheels are relatively inexpensive. You should have it replaced.


You should get the alignment checked with the new wheel and tire. That will also determine if any other work is needed. I did similar damage and needed a lower A frame replaced ( it was aluminum , a steel A frame would be less likely to have damage.)

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