2006 Nissan note handbrake adjustment, do I unadjust the handbrake before fitting new brake shoes

  • Is the hand brake connected to the shoes or the driveshaft ? I don't know about Nissan , but I replaced over 40 sets of shoes in GM cars and never loosened a hand brake. Nov 13 '20 at 15:28


There is a self-adjuster in the drum brake assembly (see image). Most drum brakes have a slot on the back side where you can use a flat head screwdriver to undo it.

Brake drum assembly

Most likely you will not be able to remove the brake drum (or get it back on) without undoing the self-adjuster. When you're done replacing the parts, put on the brake drum and test if the wheel spins. If it does, turn the self-adjuster a few clicks and check again. Keep doing this until you feel the shoes slightly rubbing aginst the drum. Then turn back 2 or 3 clicks and you're done. Make sure you also check the handbrake to see if it feels normal.

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