Hi all I'm hoping someone can help me with my car that keeps giving me the engine overheating warning light. The car was in a minor accident from behind and ever since then the warning light comes on if I go downhill. If I turn the engine on and off again it goes away till I go down a hill again. Car has it's yearly services and radiator and all coolant devices has been checked. It does not happen any other time other than down steep hills. The temperature gauge remains constant and never over half way. Hopefull for some advice thanx in advanced.

  • The warning lamp flashes for overheating. When steady it can also indicate the coolant level being low: check that first. My VW-engined Skoda developed a faulty connection to the coolant level sensor, giving false warnings. I parted the connector, cleaned up the contacts and applied a little conductive grease. Perhaps the shock of a bump was enough to disturb yours, making it go from OK to not OK, or perhaps a coincidence. Nov 12 '20 at 18:28

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