recently I have purchased this 2006 Renault Clio MK2 1.2 8V (D7F engine, 108k kms on the clock). While purchasing I saw some oil on the side of the engine but thought nothing of it, managed to lower the price for 350 euros because of it. When I took a closer look when I got home it seemed like a quite a lot of oil and that it was coming from throttle body. Dipstick level was on the half between min and max. Oil (5w40) was changed before 5000kms/9 months. I put about 0.6l oil to get it near max level.

Car runs nicely and doesn't smoke at all (did 400km with it already).

What could've happened and is this bad? What could be wrong and is my engine in danger? After filling the oil I wiped existing oil to see if it would leak again.

Thank you in advance!

Car idling: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdmdL1UMCqw Picture of leak: https://i.stack.imgur.com/WvKtB.jpg

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