It's a 1998 saab 900 s 2.3 L car was maintenanced regularly until 2019 which it sat until I bought it a couple months ago. The car is in great condition. When I start the car it turns on perfectly no sounds no anything, after about half an hour the car will die and wont start again until left for awhile. Then it will start up perfectly and die again. I got the fuel pump checked and it's not the pump.. I'm not sure what else it could be. Please help.

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    Do you leave it idling for 30 minutes? Why? If you want to warm it up it is better to drive. – Solar Mike Oct 24 '20 at 18:40
  • A failing crankshaft sensor could fault when it gets hot. – Jupiter Oct 24 '20 at 20:03
  • I run into these symptoms a lot for failing engine control modules. Considering the age and the fact it was fine then sat a year and is now doing this its possibly just some bad caps in it. Its pretty common repair job I see come in around those years across many makes/models. – narkeleptk Oct 24 '20 at 20:39
  • Coils breaking down once warm? Can you get the OBD codes read? – upsidedowncreature Oct 28 '20 at 0:14

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