I just did a huge timing belt and seals job that included replacing the coolant in my 1997 accord with the f22b2 engine. The drain bot washer fell out, and I didn't notice it, so I put back the drain bolt without its washer. I used plenty of hondabond on the threads of the drain bolt per the factory manual, and I'm wondering if I can get by without the washer. Obviously I would like to avoid the hassle as well as avoid wasting coolant. Will the hondabond and a properly torqued bolt be sufficient?


Maybe. For a while. Perhaps. If the plug loosens or falls out, the engine may be damaged, you won't have a drain plug or coolant, and the car will be immobile.

Solution: get a big plastic tub. Drain coolant into the tub. Remove drain plug, add washer, reinstall plug. Refill cooling system using the coolant you just drained. Bleed the cooling system.

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    Is it likely for the plug to come loose with the hondabond on the threads? It has a temperature rating of 600 degrees f. – SAG Oct 23 '20 at 1:55
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    Whether it's likely or unlikely to fail, failure could result in damage and other unpleasant consequences. I'd choose to avoid those possibilities, and I would replace the washer. YMMV. – DavidSupportsMonica Oct 23 '20 at 2:13

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