This is a continuation of a question I asked a while back before I bought this vehicle. Well I took yalls advice and had a mechanic look at it. he was fairly confident about the issue and I went ahead and pulled the trigger.

07 3.8l Chrysler Town and Country Stalls when accelerating

So to start I'll talk about the initial issues. Right off the bat it had major stalling issues when you tried to accelerate. It stalled intermittently at various speeds and I couldn't even get it over 60 miles an hour.

What the mechanic found was that the motor was only firing on 3 cylinders and believes that the replaced PCB was bad and also changed out the igniter coil. Evidently they don't manufacture the PCB any more and he had to send it in to be fixed.

2 weeks later everything is in and he replaced the parts and drove it for several miles to ensure the PCB went through its learning process. He called me to come pick it up and I did. It then operated beautifully for about 3 to 4 miles then it started stalling out again just like it did before, though not quite as often. In fact it would throw the check engine light while it was stalling but as soon as it stopped stalling the check light would turn off and not leave a residual code to read later. I turned it around and put it right back in his shop. The mechanic thought I was crazy because he had drove it around and continued to drive it around without ever having the issue.

He tried to recreate the issue in a variety of different methods without success. He then left it running for a while, while he worked on other things. It then suddenly shut off. He then tried to get in to crank it up and ... nothing. No power to the starter what so ever. After another while he jumped back in and it started no problem. He sent me the video below when it was having its issue that he observed. I hope it all ties back to the problem I felt on when I tried to pick up the vehicle initially.


He seems to think PCB is bad again. I used to be an appliance repair man and poorly manufactured and rebuilt parts was always a possibility but I definitely don't want to practice insanity either (doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result)

Does anyone have any thoughts about these symptoms and what it might tie back to.

Thanks in advanced

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