Is it a VW Type 2? I saw it on a TV show.

enter image description here

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    It looks like a Soviet UAZ-452 (УАЗ-452) or variant
    – mikes
    Commented Oct 3, 2020 at 22:29
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    Its not a VW, insignia on the front is not the VW insignia
    – Moab
    Commented Oct 3, 2020 at 22:33
  • Welcome to Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair! Commented Oct 3, 2020 at 22:54
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    The classic VW vans were rear engined, so no radiator grille at the front. The shape of the front bodywork and the position of the lights is also not a VW.
    – alephzero
    Commented Oct 4, 2020 at 0:13
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    Why the downvote? Commented Oct 5, 2020 at 15:01

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Using a handful of internet tools such as Google image lookup, I found this Instagram post where one of the tags says "#uaz452". Comparing the picture in the Instagram post and the video of which you posted the thumbnail, you can tell by the licence plate that they are the same vehicle.

After comparing this picture with google images of a UAZ-452, I think I can safely conclude that what you are looking at here, is a UAZ-452.

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