What is the part number for the forward facing camera unit that is (together with ACC) responsible for the functioning of the Travel Assist (automatic lane keeping + ACC) which started to be offered on following cars?

  • Volkswagen Golf 8 and Passat B8 (2019 facelift)
  • Skoda Octavia Mk4 and Superb B8 (2019 facelift)
  • SEAT Leon Mk4
  • maybe some Audis

The camera unit features Mobileye EyeQ4 chip. Cameras on all these models should be very similar but may have different part numbers I guess. Please note that the camera may be different from the standard LKAS camera without Travel Assist (I am not sure here). Passat and Superb are meant after facelift (manufacturing started in 2019 - probably MY2020).

  • Try the main dealer parts department as a first stop. – Solar Mike Sep 15 '20 at 8:05

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