I'm going to replace the front wheel bearing / hub assemblies on a Subaru. The axle nut should be 32 mm.

Will a "deep" socket be needed? If its just a matter of the depth of bore of the hub assembly, I think a socket extension would suffice. But I'm not very familiar with nuts of that size, or if the axle itself might protrude at all and interfere with the socket fitting.

I haven't started any work yet, so I don't have photos of the actual vehicle; but this ought to be the same model:

enter image description here

(front left)

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    You can use a shallow socket on that.
    – Moab
    Sep 6, 2020 at 14:57

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No, any old 32mm socket works on Subaru axle nuts.

If you look at the photo you supplied, there is a notch in the axle (at about 9 oclock). The axle nut will have been hammered into that notch to lock it into place after final torquing. For that reason, it is essential that you always use a new axle nut if you take it off.

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