I spilled some Lysol toilet bowl cleaner due to an unscrewed cap on a bottle that was placed unknowingly in the trunk of a Honda Accord a month ago. I removed the bottle after 2 days and cleaned it with good amount of water and detergent.

15 days later I have a trunk release malfunction and fuel cap release malfunction - are they related to the spill? The Honda dealer is charging $600 to fix the cable that runs from the latch next to the driver and controls trunk release and fuel cap release.

The car used to have a strong smell, which is now cleared after getting it cleaned up pretty good at a detailing center. Sometimes our eyes burn as soon as we sit in the car and I open the car windows to let air in. That too subsided after the visit to detailing center.

What is my best course of action here to avoid any further damage?

  • The switch appears to break At lever from nylon sleeve wear overstress works like a bike brake cable to a remote SPDT switch. If switch was exposed to corrosive fluid, the switch is oxidized and maybe needs WD40 and some friction to clean or replacement. otherwise its an unrelated Honda weakness to lever stress. youtu.be/sjAbmDxtoEo. I would get Home depot, subfloor adhesive and bond the nylon plastic sleeve so the cable centre moves the remote switch. super strong PU plastic but non-volatile stuff now takes A few days to harden. You dont need much compared to size of $10 tube. DIY – Tony Stewart Sunnyskyguy EE75 Sep 3 '20 at 16:00

Try some stain remover and clean the cleaner as much as possible. Use protective gloves, goggles, and some covering for your skin. Baking soda and wet/dry cleaners can also help too.

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