How do i reprogram a used ECM if needs replaced?My boyfriend was hooking up stereo system and seems he fried my ECM??Inside lights and locks headlights all still work but will not start...

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    Unless you can afford a programing tool get it checked by a dealer.
    – Solar Mike
    Aug 16 '20 at 7:47
  • Describe what happens when you try to start the car.
    – HandyHowie
    Aug 16 '20 at 7:51
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    "My boyfriend was hooking up stereo system and seems he fried my ECM??" I doubt he did that.
    – Moab
    Aug 16 '20 at 12:53
  • Typing in all capital letters is perceived as SHOUTING. Please don't do that. You can edit your question (using the "edit" button below the question text) to change the format. It will be much easier to read, and more attractive...thus more likely to get good responses. Thanks. Aug 16 '20 at 17:03

To answer your question, For programming a new ecm on a hyundai with out dealer tool you can use most any j2534 pass through device (I prefer drewtech devices)along with Hyundai's aftermarket j2534 programming software found at (https://www.hyundaitechinfo.com/).


I really doubt your ECM (engine control module) died, sounds more likely to be a blown acc/run fuse, bcm (body control module), or if equipped issue's with proximity key system. You probably should just take it to Hyundai or a qualified shop to save time and money before tossing parts at it.

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