First of all, some background info: I got my car -- brand new -- in February 2020. But due to some document mishaps, I didn't actually take it out for a ride until March 2020. So it just sat there in the basement parking of my office for 1+ month, warmed up regularly every week but not driven.

Since first time I drove it out, I noticed a short creaking/groaning sound similar to the one heard in this video between 0:07 and 0:09, but shorter. And the sound happens only when it started moving from fully-stopped.

There is NO creaking/groaning sound when stopping from moving. At least, not audible from within the cabin.

The video linked above mentioned that the problem is possibly in the suspension, but because there is no sound when stopping, only when starting, I have doubts that it's a suspension problem.

Some motorhead colleagues surmised that it's a problem with the braking system. Could that be true?

  • Does the car have an automatic emergency/hand brake? Is the noise just before you hear the handbrake motor release the brake? – HandyHowie Aug 16 '20 at 8:06

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