I'm coming up empty-handed on a Google search so maybe I'm not searching with the right vocabulary.

I have 2 LEDs out and I'm not sure if the single bulb can be replaced or if it's one single part for all lights. I feel like I found a site a couple of weeks ago, but didn't bookmark it and can't find it again. What is this part officially called? Are there part number(s)?

                               What is this?

Need part identification

Is this the sort of replacement something a non-mechanic can attempt or should it be left to the pros?

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It's called a Center High Mount Stop Lamp (CHMSL) or sometimes a Center High Mount Brake Lamp (CHMBL).

If you can't find a Web site with part numbers, you could go to the parts counter at a Mazda dealer and ask them to look up the part number(s). They can tell you whether it's all one piece or not.

I don't know how to take the light apart in your car. Your owner's manual is probably no help here. You might be able to find disassembly instructions in a repair manual.


It's commonly called a third brake light, although the William Cline listed the more technical terms for them.

You can find several used ones at car-part.com prices range from $20 - $50

You will need to replace the assembly you cannot replace just one of the bulbs.

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