Fiat Palio 1.2 ED 2002

Just had 4 small and one large Welch plug replaced. Now another one is leaking. How many Welch plugs does this vehicle have?

  • I assume you mean "welch" or "freeze" plug here. I've never heard of a "Walsh" plug.
    – jwh20
    Jul 27 '20 at 17:38
  • @jwh20 - I believe they are actually called "welsh" plugs or freeze plugs. Jul 27 '20 at 18:24
  • 1
    @Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2 I'm only ever heard them called "core" or "freeze" plugs. But I think "welch" is the other term: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Core_plug
    – jwh20
    Jul 27 '20 at 18:26
  • @jwh20 - Follow my link. I think it may be a "locality" type thing (or local color). Could be called either, it would seem. Jul 27 '20 at 18:31
  • @jwh20 - Doing some research shows "Welch" may be the more correct term for this. Seems the original designer was named "Welch", so that would make sense, lol. Jul 27 '20 at 18:43

There are a bunch; some behind the flywheel/torque converter in the bell housing. You need to find out what your problem it. When I had this problem ,it was a leaking radiator cap the was admitting fresh air in during every cool down. This produced a build up of rust in the iron block. The holes are used by the foundry to get core sand out of the castings. The name "freeze plug" is just good PR by the auto makers.

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