What is this hitch looking bar with arms instead of a receiver?

I expected just the truck frame with weld nuts; or a hitch with a receiver. This looks like a hitch but two arms instead of a receiver.

Any ideas how to install a standard ball hitch into this strange looking factory hitch?

two arms looks like a hitch but no receiver?

  • Welcome to Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair! What year and model of Silverado do you have? Commented Jul 15, 2020 at 1:27
  • Those are chain hooks (tie downs), originally used for transport from the factory.
    – Moab
    Commented Jul 15, 2020 at 1:34
  • Ahh, so the whole tube / hitch looking thing the two chain hooks are attached to is garbage and should be removed? Commented Jul 15, 2020 at 1:40
  • Thank you all. The hitch installed underneath the chain tie downs without any issues. Commented Jan 20, 2021 at 20:21


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