Initially, the compressor clutch stops rotating at times then re-engages on its own. After a while it stoped re-engaging and I’d have to to pop the hood to manually turn it before it engages.

Took it to an AC mech and he removed one of the two flat rings separating the clutch hub bit from the compressor. Said it’s not magnetising adequately to kick in the clutch rotation due to too much gap between them.

It worked okay for a while but the problem started again after 3 weeks of infrequent driving. Took it back this time, he sandpapered the clutch hub to further close the gap. It worked but didn’t constantly provide optimally cooling as normal.

Then suddenly while driving on day 3, it lost all cooling. When I parked, I heard sounds of gas leakage coming from the hood. Popped the hood, and I found traces of gas spewed around like it bust out of the clutch hub.

Now he says I’ll have to replace clutch hub. The thing is, I’m not sure he’s right. That hub is just a single flat piece. How different is a replacement. Secondary, the actual cause of low magnetisation hasn’t been diagnosed properly.

Note that I had recently had other work done to replace the thermostat/AC fuses and relays. And they’re in order.

Kindly advice Best,

  • The clutch gap is too wide either remove the outer clutch plate and remove shims or replace the clutch assembly or compressor. – Moab May 26 at 1:08

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