I'm tempted to change my seasonal tires to cross-climate ones, but I'm considering changing them progressively, to wear out my seasonal tires. Is it a very bad idea to let's say have on the front two cross-climate and on back two seasonal tires? I've heard mixed opinions, but does anybody have experience?

  • Seasonal tires? Cross climate, = all season ? Progressively? What does that mean what do you hope to accomplish ? – Alaska Man May 15 at 19:56

Having driven a car with four different tires, I know it is very unsafe to do so. That being said, although different brands/makes of tires used in combination is not recommended, Continental Tires provides an excellent article on the subject.


PS: Some added info for your equatorial cracks: https://wheelzine.com/what-causes-dry-rot-in-tires-how-to-fix-it

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