The heaters of my Mitsubishi van aren't working properly by blowing only cold air.

After doing my research online I found some posts talking about the thermostat and coolant (air blocks).

The first time I added coolant to the reserevoir, it was completely empty and I had the motor run for 15 minutes. After driving with it for some weeks there was no difference when turning on the heater.

Today I added more coolant and tried to get an air block out if that would be present. After opening the radiator it was completely full. I put on a funnel to prevent overflow, started the car and waited for 30 minutes. The coolant raised about 4 cms into the funnel and there were no bubbles coming out of the radiator. The air blowing was still cold, no success.

Any suggestion for a non experience car person to check before going to a mechanic to get it fixed?

Added image for a visual guide in case it helps! (filled up the reservoir near the battery and used the funnel where the big silver cap now sits)

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

enter image description here enter image description here

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