Today I started noticing when I hard accelerate the car, first revving to about 2000 RMP and letting the clutch, I hear a knock from the car when the rpms are ~2500 RMP and up (to 4000) on the first gear.

Here is the link to the video. There was heavy rain so it is a bit hard to hear. The gas is applied on the 6th second, and the three knocks can be heard a second later.

The only recent work on the car was the oil change a two weeks ago, and the guy overfilled it. It is still overfilled. Could this be an issue.

I also suspect on the driveshafts or rods because it only shows up on very heavy loads when torque is the highest (first gear.)

I did disable the abs/TC fully by removing the fuses and the same issue persists.

Car: 01/2008 VW Golf mk5 2.0 TDI 103KW Manual.

Bluedriver Screenshot

  • Overfilled it by how much? If it's a lot, you are at risk for your engine running away. – Eric Hauenstein Mar 9 at 21:09

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