So I have a 08 Mazda 3 and I had the power steering malfunction light come on.

So I had a mechanic take a look and after reading around, I found it may be the electric pump that is in the Mazda 3. So I got a used pump and installed it, it was then draining the battery so I took the pump back and got another. Now after installing I still have **no power steering. **

I came across this article : http://wheels.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/08/17/mazda-recalls-215000-cars-for-power-steering-problem/?_r=0

But I’m in Canada and not sure if the same recalls apply to the cars sold here. I’m planning on doing more diagnostics and trying different things like flushing and changing the fluid in system and I want to test the wiring hookup if there is current going to the pump.

Things I have checked: - Fuses - changed pump - air lock bleed (open cap turning wheels)

Few things I observed: - Fluid is very dark and dirty - there’s no pressure when I loosen the return valve

Looking for some ideas on what to check and whether or not changing the high pressure line that could Have rust build up.

I’m a young guy going to school with an average commute and really want this car to work out as I’m just a broke college guy.

Any opinions and help would be appreciated

  • If the light is on, there should be codes stored that will help narrow down the cause. If you don't have a code reader (the Bluetooth adapters that work with a phone or tablet are only a few dollars now ), many auto parts stores will read the codes for free. – Phil G Mar 6 at 17:28

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