Mazda 323 (BJ) 1,5i 16v 1999 I have a vehicle. I know it uses 17 Pins ODBI. By connecting this to the ELM327 somehow, I want to find the error codes in the vehicle and search for its solution.

The vehicle falls out of traction in ramp. And LPG is cutting gas at 2500 - 3500 rpm. I want to handle such problems myself. I hope you will help me in this way.

The scheme I use for the connection:

enter image description here

My Vehicle's Diagnostic Entry Location:

enter image description here

  • what are you asking? is it about how to use the scanner or is it about what to look for it is not clear to me what information you want. – trond hansen Feb 25 at 11:05
  • This link about the ELM327 states that there are many fakes (rip-offs) around which do not work properly. Because the original version 1.0 did not enable the "copy protection" feature of the microprocessor, the rip-offs are of this obsolete and buggy version. It's unclear what you want to know though. There is a lot a material and discussion about ELM327 available. – Weather Vane Feb 25 at 12:05
  • I added images to the main question. I want to Connect 17 Pins ODBI Connections for Mazda 323 via ELM327 Bridge. I want to learn how to make this connection. I did GND = 4, MEN = 7, and + B = 16 but EML didn't work. – Fatih ATEŞ Feb 26 at 5:56

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