The clutch pedal in my 2001 Honda S2000 (applies to other cars as well) is very sticky and sometimes squeaky, how do I fix it?


A good walkthrough can be found on this forum. It is summarized below:

  • Remove the two bolts holding the clutch slave cylinder to the side of the transmisison housing.
  • Remove the boot and cylinder rod from the slave cylinder.
  • Check to see if the top of the cylinder rod is rough or has been worn down at all.
  • If it has, polish it to a fine finish and grind down the nipple at the top if one exists.
  • Clean out the cup and release fork in the slave cylinder.
  • Apply high temperature grease to the cup / release fork and to the ball end of the rod.
  • Reassemble the whole thing and then pump the clutch a few times to spread the grease around.

Hopefully this will be helpful for others. The original forum post from which this answer was mostly copied contains pictures if needed.

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