I am attempting to implement an iso flare on a 1/4' (6m) line. As this is the line that supplies both rear brakes I want to be sure it is done correctly, below is a link to photos of all 4 sides and an overhead view.

enter image description here

. More images here

My primary concern is that there appears to be an imperfection on one of the sides where the 'bubble' meets the opening at the end of the line.

Is this a correct ISO flare?

  • If you are not sure what you are doing then get it done by a professional. Brake safety is for the safety of others as well as yourself so doing it “cheap” is not an option. – Solar Mike Jan 22 at 21:40
  • 4
    While I appreciate your concern this line is for a project car whos perpos is for me to learn as I go. So having a shop do this for me would defeat the purpose of the build for me. – Tyler B. Joudrey Jan 22 at 21:52

Looks a little over pressed to me, bubble should be smooth curve all the way around, looks like it has a ledge on one side as you stated.

Try again this time cut the tube straight across and use a small file to round the outer edge of the tube before forming it, a little lube on the die also. I takes practice.

Also not all flare tools are equal, use the highest quality one you can afford. I have found cheap ones do a poor job.

  • Through some experementation I managed to get a good flare by backing the line out of the bar slightly. So this is indeed the correct answer. As well I did buy a cheap tool, so ill be upgrading for my next project – Tyler B. Joudrey Jan 22 at 23:28
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    Best brake line I ever used, bends and forms easy, this is just the one I used, but amazon sells similar now for much cheaper>>>>autozone.com/brakes-and-traction-control/brake-line/… – Moab Jan 22 at 23:35

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