I have 2003 gsxr-600 i just bought used.. Ran great for a few months but now is giving me problems... Started running terrible and noticed Cylinder4 wasn't firing.. Pulled the spark plug and noticed it was fouled and black.. When running the bike I could smell gas. The inside of my tail pipe is black but doesn't blow smoke. I replaced the spark plug and tested it for spark. Light smoke shot out of Cylinder 4 but had spark. Also pulled the fuel rail and cleaned the injectors and are functioning properly. No leaks or blocks there. My bike runs best while warming up then intermittently begins to act up. ie, Take offs are jerky, finding neutral becomes harder,runs with a wobble in the throttle if that makes sense? it's power drops and will even kick on the oil light and stall out, usually in 4th gear. Once I turn the bike off and back on it starts up and runs terrible until it's completely cooled down again. These are my symptoms, any ideas would be great as I cant spend money on things that aren't related to this specific problem...At one point my display would act funny, shoot down to 0 for no reason and then jump around till finding it's spot again.. My thoughts are the coil over Cylinder 4. Can just a single coil be replaced? Something tells me, all will need to be done at once, right? Again any ideas would be great... My next thoughts will be to test each coil...

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