2007 Honda Civic FD4 didn't come with Bluetooth support. I am aware of adding the Bluetooth connectivity through an FM transmitter to use the car audio setup, but I'm looking for a better way with lesser interference.

I have seen people using the Aux port to connect the phone or an external audio player. This car does not have an Aux port that can be reached from the outside like this so I guess I have reach the aux port from the inside.

This is how the inside/rear of the audio setup looks like :

enter image description here enter image description here


  1. What is the aux port in the above photos?

  2. I have installed a reverse camera display that also happened to have bluetooth connectivity and has the following outputs. Is there a way I can connect the audio out to this aux port?

enter image description here

3) Is there any other way that I could connect the phone / usb device to the car audio without using an FM transmitter?

Note: A previous owner has installed an external CD Player which is still there so the aux port might already be connected in the photos.

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